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Advice from a London Marathon runner: Clare Gallagher

Clare Gallagher

Each month we will be featuring some advice from one of our clients who has run the London Marathon.

This month we have advice from SV sponsored athlete, Clare Gallagher.

In 2017, Clare took on the challenge of running 12 races in 12 months to raise money for Saint Clare Hospice.

Through her journey she took on several 10km races, half marathons and marathons, including the 2017 London Marathon.

Here is the advice she wants to share with everyone…

Top Training Tips

  • Do not train too hard, you will break! Rest is an important part of training. Trust your body - factor in life!

  • I couldn’t run Monday or Tuesday evenings as I work full-time, so I had to work around it.

  • Have fun with training, try not to run the same route again and again. Running Buddies are a godsend!

  • Run a race, partway through your training, in preparation for the actual marathon day. Silverstone half is a good one.

  • Training plans are great, they work, but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t stick to it.

  • Cross train if you can. Pilates and swimming will build your core and help prevent injuries.

  • Train with the fuel you will use on the day. Gels, Shot Bloks etc and find what works for you.

Top Tips For The Day

  • Plan out how you will get down to the start line. A great option is taking a bus with a running club.

  • Take an old jumper, you will be standing around before you start and it can be cold.

  • The toilet queue will be long. Go when you arrive and before you get into your starting pen.

  • It will be busy - in places, completely over crowded. Don’t worry! It’s London!

  • Work out with family where they will be watching and where they will meet you at the end.

  • You will finish, you've done the training now enjoy the run. Make sure you look around!

  • Start slowly, pace yourself and expect to walk at the water stations.

  • Watch out for bottles! People will often drop them on the ground and you have to dodge around them!

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