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A Christmas message from Sophie in Oz

Sophie Vowden

Christmas greetings from 10,500 miles away in Sydney!

I just wanted to wish you all well and to thank Jess for her amazing hard work these last 12 months and also to thank Hayden for joining our small but dedicated team.

I'm currently lucky enough to be working in the National Rugby League (NRL) with the Sydney Roosters, as well as two fantastic sports injury clinics, working alongside brilliant health professionals...

Allianz Stadium

I was even fortunate enough to shadow a top knee surgeon this week as a client of mine underwent knee ACL reconstruction.

I feel very blessed to have experienced these last 12 months outside of England but it really is true when they say 'there's no place like home'!

Thank you for allowing Jess, Hayden and I to help you with your health/ injury/ aches and pains these last 12 months and we look forward to helping you next year too.

I miss you all and will be back sometime in 2018. Watch this space!

Sophie Vowden

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