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Client of the Month: Dave Griffiths

Dave Griffiths

October marked the end of a long journey for Dave Griffiths. Twelve months ago, Dave embarked on one heck of a journey. He took on the challenge to run 10 marathons and one ultra-marathon in 2017 to raise money for the Institute of Cancer Research.

Dave’s journey started with a six-week bout of marathons.

First up was the Manchester marathon, followed by Brighton and then London… the marathon that Dave wanted revenge on.

In 2013, London kicked Dave’s butt, landing him in the medical tent and there was no way he was going to let 2013 repeat itself!

After a rollercoaster of a marathon, Dave finished in 4h50!

Up next was Belfast with a quick turn around for Royal Shakespeare and Liverpool and then a well deserved break, but only a couple of weeks though!

The next challenge was the 70-mile Hadrians Ultra! With injuries brewing, it was time to push through. With some TLC to the muscles and joints with sport massage and a visit to the osteopath, Dave was back at it!

The Ultra was a tough feat for Dave, but with encouragement from his running partner Red Dave, after 19 hours 20 minutes and 48 seconds, they crossed the finish line to a sweet, sweet victory!

Up next? Another well deserved break!

After five weeks off, the last four marathons were fast approaching: Ely Trail marathon, York, Birmingham and finally Snowdonia!

While Dave had some huge barriers to overcome with these marathons, he did so with enthusiasm and determination... or stubbornness!

Dave did it! He set out to complete all ten marathons and an ultra and that's exactly what he did!

Dave is a true inspiration.

He is not an elite runner breaking world records or someone looking for a claim to fame. He is a regular guy driven by the will to help others.

Dave started his fundraising with the goal of £3,000 and has raised over £6,500 so far. And it's not too late to donate - if you feel inspired by Dave, you can click here to support him on his amazing achievement!

If you’d like to read more about Dave’s journey, you can read his blog - he wrote a blog post after each marathon:

Dave - it was our pleasure to help you along this journey and we're eager to see what challenge you take on next. After a well deserved break, of course!

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