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"Cupping - an amazing experience!" - Medina O’Driscoll

Cupping at SV Sports Therapy

When Jessica first asked if I would try cupping, I thought why not, but from the little I knew on the subject, I was concerned that it would just add to the pain, which I had already been experiencing for some considerable time.

Plus how was I going to cope with the bruising, as my treatment area is both achilles and calf muscles?

Wow, how wrong that proved to be!

From the first cupping session, it has greatly improved my condition and day-to-day activity. I was even able to stand/ walk from the treatment table, feeling less muscle tension and pain.

The sensation when the cups are first placed and adjusted is quite unique; some will provide a minute or so of pinching pain, then you will relax and allow the time to pass.

Under Jessica's guidance in judging the time of how long the cups are in place, it has been cupping that has generated a turning point in my injury improvement/ recovery.

Medina O’Driscoll

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