SV Sports Therapy's London Marathon 2017 Hall of Fame

A huge congratulations to each and every one of SV's clients who ran the London Marathon on 23 April 2017.

We are so proud of you!

Behold our London Marathon 2017 Hall of Fame...

David Johnson running for Haven House

The 2017 London Marathon was David’s first marathon and he ran for Haven House Children’s Hospice.

Aside from training for his first marathon, in the past year David really put on his fundraising cap and has raised over £10,000 for Haven House! Absolutely fantastic!

He had a great day taking in all that the glorious city of London has to offer!

While he got held up at miles 15 and 18 with some niggles that we had been battling in the clinic, he continued to drive forward and finish the marathon to get his medal!

Although we didn’t get to see David at mile 25, we were thrilled to hear about it at his post-marathon appointment!

Well done David!

Read David's kind words about working with SV.

Suzy Smith running for Mental Health Foundation

Suzy had the best day at the London Marathon!

After hearing about her experience, we can't imagine anyone NOT wanting to enter the ballot for 2018!

Suzy was aiming for a sub-5 hour marathon and crossed that finish line smashing it at 4:35!

To top it all off during her training Suzy raised £3,000 for Mental Health Foundation!

Well done Suzy!

Keep up that amazing energy you have and we hope to see you soon!

Jason Ramchurn running for Haven House

The 2017 London Marathon was Jason’s second time around the London course.

After battling some injuries in the weeks leading up to the marathon, Jason pushed through and finished in 3:26!

Well done Jason!

Jason ran for Haven House Children’s Hospice and raised £2,500!

Ready for next year Jason?

Clare Gallagher running for St Clare Hospice

Clare is one of our SV sponsored athletes!

She has taken on the great challenge of running 12 races in 2 months!

Through this challenge, Clare has pledged to raise money for St Clare Hospice, a hospice that is near and dear to SV’s heart.

London was Clare’s first marathon of the year and she did a fantastic job, smashing her PB by 30 minutes!

We are so happy that we can help Clare along the journey!

Congratulation's Clare! On to the next race!

Dave Griffiths running for The Institute of Cancer Research

You can read about Dave’s second time round the London Marathon course on his blog, but we want to give a special congratulations to Dave!

In 2017, Dave has taken on the challenge of running 10 marathons and one ultra marathon to raise money for The Institute of Cancer Research.

Now that London is complete, marathon number 3 of 10 can be crossed off the list!

It was fantastic to see Dave at mile 25 and to be able to cheer him on!

To give you an idea of how kind Dave is, when we saw him at mile 25, he took the time to stop and say hello, but was focused on helping a mate, who was having a bit of a struggle, to cross the finish line!

Since the London Marathon, Dave has already completed another marathon and is quickly approaching the half-way point of his journey!

Good luck, Dave! We are here to support you every step of the way!

Chris Leith running for Make A Wish Foundation

The 2017 London Marathon was Chris' second London Marathon.

We are so proud of Chris as he had one heck of a busy life leading up to London!

As we all know, life gets in the way sometimes and all you can do is deal with it and Chris did exactly that.

Incorporating runs into his schedule as and when he could and staying focused on the main goal of finishing the marathon, all while raising over £2,000 for the Make A Wish Foundation!

On race day, Chris battled through some pesky injuries and was able to finish, beating his 2016 London Marathon time!

Chris, you’re a star! We’re delighted to have been a part of your journey!

Rebecca Cable running for Multiple Sclerosis UK

Becky came to us a short 10 days before the marathon with an injury that we were able to resolve before race day, thanks to Becky's dedication to some stretches and light exercises!

It was fantastic hearing about Becky's reason to run the London Marathon for Multiple Sclerosis UK, who she raised £1,200 for.

The 2017 London Marathon was her second time around the London course and she did a fantastic job!

We loved seeing you at mile 25, Becky!

Can't wait to cheer you on again next year! Well done, girl!

Read Becky's kind words about working with SV.

Beverley Hilton running for London's Air Ambulance

Through her training journey, Bev did an amazing job of taking care of her body by completing proper warm-ups and cool-downs and seeking treatment from a preventative angle rather than reacting to injuries.

She also took the time to educate herself on running technique and speak with experienced runners.

After raising over £2,000 for London's Air Ambulance, Bev took on race day.

Although she had to overcome some difficulties at the beginning of her race, she went on to enjoy the journey and have a strong finish!

We were elated to see Bev at mile 25, and to give her a quick cuddle and a loud cheer to help her through that last mile!

Congratulations on finishing your marathon, Bev!

Here’s a quote from a great blog post by Bev:

"This has really been a life-changing event for me. When that many people believe in me and my abilities, I can’t help but feel strong and capable. I will always cherish the memories of the London Marathon 2017 and have absolute no regrets!"

Read Bev's kind words about working with SV.

Harvey Starmar running for Haven House

The 2017 London Marathon was Harvey's first ever marathon. Harvey ran for Haven House Children’s Hospice and raised over £3,000!

He was slowed by a few niggles on race day, but he continued on and was able to finish with a sub 5 hour time!

The struggles that he faced on marathon day have not slowed Harvey, but have instead motivated him to continue running and beat his current PB!

London 2017 has sparked a new interest for Harvey and he has already registered for Brighton 2017 and entered into the 2018 London Ballot!

Congratulations on finishing your first ever marathon, Harvey! Well done!

Read Harvey's kind words about working with SV.

Alfie Dunsdon running for Saint Francis Hospice

Alfie is an absolute star! Through his fundraising for Saint Francis Hospice, Alfie raised over £5,000!

We met Alfie at the first SFH information night in December 2016, where he had been battling some niggles here and there.

After some conversation and a follow-up appointment in the clinic, Alfie made some changes to help improve his recovery and activation of muscles.

As he took on his first marathon, he battled through some niggles and cramps that slowed him down, but he was persistent and crossed that finish line! Congratulations on a fantastic first marathon, Alfie!

Read Alfie's kind words about working with SV.

Charlotte Gane running for Saint Francis Hospice

Charlotte heard about SV from Saint Francis Hospice, the charity she chose to run the London Marathon for.

She came to us a few short weeks before the marathon with an injury she was dreading having to run with on race day.

With dedication to the exercises we provided her with, Charlotte ran virtually pain-free on 23 April!

London 2017 was Charlotte's first marathon and when we saw her at mile 25, she looked like could run for the rest of the day! Amazing job, Charlotte!

Sam Gildersleeve running for the National Autistic Society

Sam is a beloved client of ours. Always bringing sunshine into our clinic or a new orchid when our old one had bitten the dust.

This year, Sam decided to run the London Marathon for the National Autistic Society and raised an amazing £2,500!

He came to us with some injuries that were stubborn leading up to the marathon, but luckily enough we were able to manage them and he had no problems on race day!

Congratulations on finishing your first marathon, Sam. You smashed it in 4:36! Well done!

Scott Leeves running for Norwood

The 2017 London Marathon was Scott’s first marathon!

He ran for Norwood, the largest Jewish charity in the UK, supporting vulnerable children and their families, children with special educational needs and people with learning disabilities.

He did an amazing job of raising £1,900.

Scott was diligent in attending regular appointments at SV to help keep his niggles at bay and made a lot of changes to his pre and post run routines after his initial consultation.

Scott had a great first marathon, so much so that he is already considering his next race!

Congratulations on your race, Scott! Well done!

George Day (Orion Harriers)

George is one of our SV Sports Therapy sponsored athletes, who SV’s Sophie has known for 6 years.

George has been running since he was 10 years old and has a natural talent for the sport.

Turning 18 in February 2017, he was finally able to run his first official marathon!

Gaining a club spot through his running club, Orion Harriers, George set his sights on a sub-3 hour marathon!

After dealing with some niggles on race day, George finished in 3:15, an amazing time for a first marathon at 18 years of age!

We are very happy to support George in his running career.

Keep an eye out for him in his next event at FASTFriday on 30 June 2017.

John Hanlon (Orion Harriers)

John is one of our vets!

Whilst you can hear all about John’s running career and 13th London Marathon here, we want to give a special congratulation’s to John as this year he put in loads of work to keep his body injury free!

With a dedicated warm-up, a long cool-down routine and scheduled visits to the SV Sports Therapy, John was able to keep his niggles at bay and his body in fine working order!

Congratulations, John!

Louise Juby (Orion Harriers)

Louise is an avid runner for the Orion Harriers, who had her sights set on a sub-3:20 2017 London Marathon!

With hard work and a long preparation, she had a fantastic race! Although from 24 miles onwards, she struggled with some dehydration, Louise finished in 3:19:26!

While our cheers weren’t quite enough to catch her attention at mile 25, we were thrilled to see Louise and give a loud SV cheer!

Congratulations Louise on a great marathon!

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