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"SV has guided our supporters through some very difficult training injuries" - Katy Richar

The events team at Saint Francis Hospice has had the pleasure of working with SV Sports Therapy for the last seven years.

The SV team has provided support and guidance to our extensive list of runners and cyclists who have taken part in 10k runs, half marathons and full marathons; ironman challenges and long distance cycling events.

They have guided our supporters through some very difficult training injuries, through to post race physio.

The SV team care. They care about our charity, the cause and our sporting supporters who take on massive challenges in memory of loved ones.

With SV on board at our marathon evenings, they allow us to ensure that each runner/ walker/ cyclist receives the best advice and support possible.

They have provided their therapy to some runners who were close to giving up, but saw them cross their finish lines, achieve personal goals and fundraise for our patients.

Without them, some of this wouldn't have been possible.

Katy Richardson, SFH Events Manager

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