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SV attends London Marathon advice evening at St Clare Hospice

St Clare Hospice VLM advice evening

On 14 March 2017, Chris and Jessica from SV Sports Therapy attended the final information night at St Clare Hospice for their 2017 London Marathon runners.

It was a great night filled with valuable information.

Colin from Harlow Running Club provided some great advice about the lead up to the marathon and what to expect on race day.

And there was a lot of conversation around recovery methods and nutrition.

A few important points from the night included:

  • Proper recovery includes stretching, foam rolling, hydration, nutrition and sleep

  • Don’t try anything new on race day (nutrition, clothing, shoes)

  • Be confident and don’t over train

You are all doing such a wonderful thing by racing and fundraising for Saint Clare’s Hospice. Be proud of yourself and contact us if you have any concerns leading up to race day!

Happy running!

St Clare Hospice VLM advice evening

St Clare Hospice VLM advice evening

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