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Why you should make Epsom salts baths part of your marathon training

Epsom salts baths are a great recovery method for you after your long run of the week. Epsom salts are the only salts which have been scientifically proven to be absorbed through your skin to reach your muscles and aid in recovery.

We need salts or electrolytes (not table salt) in order for the muscles to function. These include potassium, but mainly magnesium salts. When you are marathon training you are regularly depleting your electrolyte stores from your muscles and as a result this can cause fatigue, cramp, muscle strains and weakness in your muscles.

Replenish your electrolyte stores by eating good quality fruit and vegetables, taking electrolyte drinks (but not ones which are being packed with refined sugars), coconut water and using an electrolyte spray to spray on your legs and/ or having a salt bath.

Our advice? Have an Epsom salt bath the day of your long run, a few hours after the run.

For example, if your long run is every Sunday, after the run come home and have your usual shower, eat breakfast etc. Then a few hours later (eg 3 - 6 hours), have an Epsom salt bath using 2 mugs full of salts into warm water.

Make sure you emerge all of your legs in the water and relax for 15 - 20 minutes. Hydrate well for the rest of the day.

The next day - Monday - should either be a rest day or a light recovery run.

You won’t necessarily see a miracle with regards to a reduction in muscle soreness by just one salt bath, but over time you will have replenished your depleted stores and given your muscles a ‘head start’ to recovery.

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