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SV Sports Therapy is proud to support local sporting sisters, Naomi and Bethany Harryman

SV is proud to support sisters Naomi and Bethany Harryman. We are very keen to support young and talented athletes and realise they need as much help as adults, after all both girls are training 5 - 6 days per week for their sports as well as being full time students.

Naomi Harryman first came to SV in 2014 at the age of 14 as a professional heptathlete and more recently has begun American football and pole vault at Leeds University. She has been given a GB team place and has been shortlisted to compete at the World American football games in Canada in June.

She has been troubled with a right ankle injury due to a biomechanical block with the way her ankle bones are shaped and will undergo surgery this year during her off season.

We have been managing her painful symptoms using strenghening exercises, joint mobilisations and soft tissue therapy to the associated muscles.

SV Sports Therapy is proud to sponsor Naomi Harryman

Bethany Harryman first came to SV in 2016 and is in her final year at secondary school, juggling studying for her GCSE exams as well as training. She represented GB in the World Catholic School Games in France where she was a high jump silver medalist. She also represented Essex in the English Schools heptathlon team and Intercounties team and she will soon be competing in the indoor pentathlon in the England championships.

Retired from gymnastics in November 2015, Bethany is now a full time heptathlete and is excelling every season, regularly achieving new personal bests. Bethany's body is currently strong and indoor season is going very well! Watch out for this talented young lady this year!

SV Sports Therapy is proud to sponsor Bethany Harryman

Both girls benefit from regular maintenance sports massage sessions here at SV Sports Therapy, as well as appointments for specific sports injuries, should they arise during training. We are dedicated in helping these two amazing athletes in the long term success of their sporting careers.

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