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SV Sports Therapy and Casablanca Cheerleading - a beautiful relationship

It's hard to believe that SV Sports Therapy has been based at the Casablanca Gym in Loughton for a year already!

SV's relationship with Casablanca began in 2006, when SV's Sophie and Casablanca's Carli were at Hertfordshire University together - they both played on the university's netball team.

The two women stayed in touch over the years.

In October 2015, Casablanca made the decision to re-locate to a new building. While construction was underway, Carli contacted Sophie and asked if she would be interested in opening an SV Sports Therapy clinic within the new Casablance gym.

Sophie was very interested, and in March 2016, Sophie opened SV's Loughton clinic at Casablanca and has never looked back.

Over the past year, the SV team has worked closely with the Casablanca community and looks forward to continuing to grow this relationship.

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