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SV Sports Therapy Virgin London Marathon Newsletter #2

We are 11 weeks out from the marathon! How is training going? This month we will talk about trainers, what to do about those niggles that are popping up, eating healthily and motivation tips for training. And we have a special offer for our clients running the Virgin London Marathon...



Choosing the right trainers

The type of shoes you are choosing to do your training in should be the same shoes you plan to run your marathon in.

If you have yet to visit a Sweatshop or Runner’s World to have your gait assessed, now is a good time to do that.

Once you have determined the type of trainers that work for you, it is wise to purchase two pairs and alternate training in them.

A few weeks out from the marathon, choose the more comfortable of the two and plan to run in those.



A month into your training, you are most likely feeling little niggles here and there. Here are some steps to try and handle these on your own:

  • Look at your trainers (see section above)

  • Warm-up and cool down. If you have not implemented a proper warm-up and cool down it’s time to start! As you increase the miles your muscles need proper pre and post stretching to ensure they recover properly and are not overstrained. A combination of foam rolling and stretching is key (see our VLM newsletter #1)

  • Recovery meals/snacks. After your run, it is important to refuel the body with protein. Protein will help the muscles recover properly before your next run. For specific nutritional information you should contact a registered dietician.

If you have checked off each of the above points, it may be time to have the “niggle” assessed before it turns into a more serious injury.

Have a niggle assessed if:

  1. It gets worse when running

  2. It continues after 24 hours of rest

  3. If SHARP is present

  4. It alters your gait when running

  5. It keeps you awake at night


Staying Healthy

Staying healthy

While training for a marathon is a grueling process, it is important to take care of yourself outside of training.

Start off by ensuring you are getting the proper amount of sleep, staying hydrated and eating healthily.

A balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals will help to keep the immune system strong and fight off the common cold this winter.

Remember not to use your training as a method of weight loss. You are training for a fitness event and your body needs the proper fuel to guarantee proper recovery; this is not the time to reduce your calories.

Be smart about your food choices; think of filling your body with quality food sources so you can get quality training in return.



Although we are finally starting to see more daylight hours, it’s no secret that it can be difficult to find the time to get your runs in; not to mention get outside in the cold weather!

Here are some tips to help keep your motivation up:

  • Join a running club - Orion Harriers and Harlow Running Club are great clubs and have several runs throughout the week. Find one that works for you and use this each week.

  • Watch a video from the charity you are running for.

  • Think of who you are running for; family, friend, charity?

  • Don’t put in junk miles - have a purpose for each run whether it’s intervals, long run or your easy run of the week.


Strength Sessions

As mentioned in our VLM newsletter #1, we are offering strength sessions in a gym-based environment.

These sessions will help to strengthen your core and lower body providing you will that extra edge you’ve been looking for!

Please contact us at if you are interested!


Special Offer

This month we are offering £20 off a 1-hour session.

We will tailor the session to your needs, whether it is to assess an injury or give the legs a good flush! When booking please quote “VLM £20 off deal”.


Happy training!

Jessica, Sophie and Chris

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