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SV Sports Therapy is now offering wellness events in your workplace

Do you have a sports team or running group at your workplace that would benefit from wellness advice and guidance? Or do you want to ensure that everyone working with you has the skills to stay healthy and happy in the work environment? SV Sports Therapy can help. We can come to your workplace or sports club and talk about relevant subjects aimed at improving your wellness in the new year. Topics might include goal setting, how to improve your fitness, relaxation techniques and more! If a particular group of people are training for a race or event, we can tailor the information presented to the needs of that group.

You could also set up a “pop-up clinic” where we can offer 15 minute assessments at a discounted price of £5 per person so that your employees and colleagues can start to speak about their concerns on the day and gain valuable information about how to resolve them. What’s more, if you help to plan an SV wellness event, you will receive £10 off your next session at SV Sports Therapy, if between 5-9 people attend. If 10-19 people attend you will receive 50% off your next session. If more than 20 people attend, you will receive a free session with SV Sports Therapy! Contact us today on 07904 116757 to set up your SV wellness event!

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