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"Sophie, I can’t thank you enough!" - Karen Cole, triathlete

I have just come back from the Triathlon World Championships in Mexico. Wow, what a marvelous experience!

I am delighted to have come 13th in my age group (out of 34)! This was my 50th triathlon in a career spanning ten years, having started back in 2007 as the runner of a local sprint event.

Along the way, as in every sport, there have been highs and lows – the lowest point being when I was diagnosed with arthritis in my right knee nearly three years ago.

Knowing I was a runner, the consultant advised me never to run again.

With Sophie’s aid I can manage the arthritis and, with the help of various exercises daily, I can continue to do short runs without pain.

I am able to do enough sprint triathlons each year to qualify for the European and World Championships and these events have taken me to Austria, Canada, Switzerland, America, Portugal and Mexico.

Having Sophie help me at the time of my diagnosis changed my life back in 2014 – and being able to turn to her for ongoing advice, guidance and management these days makes a huge difference to what I can still achieve.

Sophie, I can’t thank you enough!

Karen Cole


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