“Injury free for the first time in a long while” - Richard Milnes, Ironman Competitor 2014

Richard Milnes

After successfully finishing 14 marathons over the years, I had recently started to experience running related muscle injuries, and the inevitable rest and lengthy rehabilitation to allow these to heal.

It was becoming increasingly obvious to me that because my legs were now so injury prone, I should consider giving up running for good - not something I really wanted to do.

So, when yet again I injured a calf while running, I went in search of a professional that could really help me. Sophie came very highly recommended.

What followed were targeted massage and sports therapy plus lots of friendly advice, and the expert knowledge that I badly needed on how to manage and reverse my many years of accumulated running injuries.

Subsequent treatments enabled my legs to soak up the high volume of training required for long distance triathlon. Sophie also treated me for a “bike crash induced” hip bursa, and with ultrasound and massage I was very quickly able to get back out on the road cycling and running, essential with Ironman UK just around the corner!

I’m extremely grateful to Sophie for fixing my legs, and for getting me to run injury free for the first time in a long while. With future periodic maintenance massage, I know I’ll be able to continue with all the sports that I enjoy doing so much.

Thanks, Sophie! Richard Milnes Ironman Competitor (2014)