“I consider Sophie a very important person in my athletics support network” - Frankie Conway, cross

I have been receiving sports therapy sessions from Sophie for over two years and have found her a really invaluable influence in my athletics career since that time. As a worker she is very professional and organised, able to balance the varying needs of many clients across a range of sports, from marathon runners to ballet dancers. Her system runs very smoothly. If you are in need of a consultation appointment or a sports massage you contact Sophie using the contact details on her business card. Her replies are very timely and informative, where she will provide you with a series of options over the course of that week to 10 day period. Sophie always attempts to offer you a session that best suits your schedule and location.

In terms of my own personal experience with Sophie, I first came into contact with her following a stress fracture I had sustained to my right fibula during the 2011/2012 cross country season. I found her treatment and recommended exercises extremely helpful. Many of these exercises are a staple part of my strength and conditioning training routine, including single legged calf raises, glute activation work and foot massage exercises.

Over the past year Sophie’s sports therapy has helped me recover from a series of niggles in my legs, including knee and achilles trouble. A key part of the recent treatment I have received from Sophie has been the advice she gave me with regards to my road running trainers. The shoe needed to be the right type to support my flat footedness as well as my tendency to over pronate. Her suggestion to replace my orthotic and to purchase a Saucouny neutral trainer has helped me alleviate my niggles and has allowed me to progress my training over the past six months without any significant interruptions. She also put me in contact with a personal trainer to help boost my strength in key areas of my legs. This link has also provided a transformative element to my training, as the sessions I have received from this trainer have proved very beneficial.

I consider Sophie a very important person in my athletics support network. She continues to provide me with excellent support and is always keen to hear how my training and racing is progressing. I would recommend her work to any athlete involved in any sport.

Frankie Conway Essex County Cross County Race Team