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“I personally find Sophie’s hands-on support so reassuring!” - J Farrier, Orion Harriers

Sophie has supported Orion Harriers for the past five years. In this time she has been fully committed to supporting our athletes through training and competition. Sophie has attended club training sessions with the aim to support coaches with long term athlete development, injury prevention and assessing athletes while training. Having Sophie ‘hands-on’ has meant that if any athletes have any problems or coaches have concerns about their athletes, Sophie is there to give advice and sports therapy treatment when needed. Sophie has this amazing ability to explain any sports therapy treatment required at a level that young athletes and parents can understand. Over the last five years Sophie has liaised with coaches when an athlete has been injured and has seen her for a consultation and treatment. It has worked well because Sophie has fed back the outcome of the athlete’s injury and on occasions Sophie and their coach have devised the most suitable protocol for the athlete to return to training/ competition. Sophie has also seen a number of Orion Harriers Juniors for maintenance sports massage sessions, during the season, for preventative measures and to maintain musculo-skeletal optimal function. Sophie has also been able to offer in her treatments: ultrasound, sports massage, sports therapy, kinesio tape, acupuncture, and rehabilitation programmes.

As a coach to young athletes I personally find Sophie’s hands-on support so reassuring because you want your young athletes to reach their full potential and this means putting demands on their bodies which can cause some aches and pains. Having Sophie’s expertise and professionalism to call upon means we coaches are able to encourage our athletes to achieve their full potential whilst being confident that their general well being is always taken care of. J Farrier Manager and Coach for Orion Harriers Juniors

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