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Dani Nimmock

Marathon Runner

SV Sports Therapy is proud to sponsor marathon runner, Dani Nimmock.

Dani Nimmock is an elite road runner who has been using SV Sports Therapy since 2013 when she moved to the area after graduating from St Mary’s University in Twickenham. Dani’s best achievement so far was representing Great Britain at the 50km World Championships in 2019, where she helped the women’s Great Britain squad to achieve team gold. Standing on the podium with the Great British flag raised behind them and the national anthem playing will always be one of her favourite memories.

This selection for Great Britain came after a breakthrough year in 2018 when Dani won the Manchester Marathon in 2:38:22, which at the time was an impressive personal best of 10 minutes. That year she went on to run for England at the Frankfurt Marathon and also the Commonwealth Games Half Marathon, where the England women won team bronze.

Her personal best times for 10km and Half Marathon are 33:41 and 74:13 respectively. She is twice the Senior Women’s England bronze medallist for the National 10km Road Championships.

In 2020 Dani was due to take up an elite place at the Rotterdam Marathon before it was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She continued to train throughout lockdown but was struck with an unfortunate injury in her lower back that was eventually diagnosed as a herniated disc. Rest, recovery and treatment from Sophie finally meant she could start running again in January 2021.

Dani is expecting her first baby in October 2021 and so her goals have changed for the time being. Sophie is a qualified pregnancy therapist and will continue to work with Dani to help her continue to run during and after pregnancy, when she will target getting back to the form that she was in before.

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