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Fleur Blatch

Sports Therapist

Fleur Blatch Profile.jpg

Fleur graduated from the University of Bath in 2014 with a degree in Sports Therapy (BSc Hons) and has since completed a four year integrated Masters in Veterinary Physiotherapy. These degrees together mean that Fleur treats sporting and non-sporting individuals of all species!

She has previously worked with rugby and netball teams, providing pitch-side first aid and rehabilitation of players, which she thoroughly enjoys. She has been using these skills with the Harlow rugby teams whilst at SV Sports Therapy.

Fleur is particularly interested in muscular imbalances, how they influence movement, and how they can be corrected through the use of therapy and exercise.


One of the therapies that Fleur finds particularly useful is soft tissue release which integrates massage and stretching together. By holding an area of muscle whilst moving the limb, tissue is stretched which releases pain and tension, leading to improvements in joint range of motion and muscle function.

Fleur is a keen obstacle course runner and already has several races planned for this year. She is also planning on attending a three part pilates course.  Increasing flexibility can help to reduce the risk of injury, especially if you’re a mud-runner like Fleur!

Q&A with Fleur

What is the best thing about being a sports therapist?

Helping people get back into sports they enjoy.

What sports are you interested in?

Netball, rugby, running, horse riding and dance.

What sports do you do?

Trying to get into canicross (running with your dog attached by a harness) with an excitable dog and I take part in the occasional mud run.

What is your favourite muscle and why?

My favourite muscle is the piriformis. It is a small muscle underneath the gluteal group which can cause many problems such as symptoms relating to sciatica when it becomes tight or inflamed.

What is your favourite joint and why?

The hip is an amazing joint as it’s so simple with such a wide range of motion, and yet is extremely strong.

What is your favourite stretch for the body?

The pigeon stretch and its many variations. This stretch will help to open up the hips and stretch the lower back which is great for anyone who spends lengths of time sitting down.

Who is your favourite sportsperson at the moment and why?

Mattie Rogers is a 23 year old who completely changed up her sporting discipline from cheerleading and gymnastics to weightlifting, both of which she has been hugely successful at, coming third in her weight class in the 2017 World Weightlifting Championship for the USA. If you want something, go for it and don’t be scared of change!

What are your sporting goals?

To be able to do a pull up! And to take part in as many different mud runs as possible!

You are stranded on a desert island and are only allowed to have three things with you - what are they?

  • A kindle

  • A hammock

  • A knife

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