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Scar Therapy and Lymphatouch treatment

SV Sports Therapy specialises in scar therapy and Lyphatouch Treatment

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So what can we do about them?

The first thing you need to consider is, do you have any triggers? Is there anything that brings on the headache or migraine?

If you can identify this, it will be easier to treat. The main thing to consider is pillows and sleep. Aligning the body in bed has a huge effect on how you feel during the day. If you feel like this is affecting your head, please speak to a medical professional to identify the correct sleeping position for you.

Heat is another ideal self-help treatment. Most people will reach for ice when their head is pounding. However, this sensitises the head and makes the headache worse once the ice has been removed. Heat has been proven to reduce muscle spasm and tightness and is ideal for taking down that tightening in your forehead, eye or neck.

Seeking treatment...


If you have reached the point of no return from dealing with regular headaches, hope is not lost!

Manual therapy has become the standard for the reduction of headaches and migraines. This involves gentle techniques to the back of the neck to reduce the stiffness and irritation that causes headaches.


There is an 85% success rate with this technique! It was developed by Rebecca Nelson, a spinal physiotherapy specialist in Belfast and has been causing quite a storm among neurologists.

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