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Our top tips for managing Anxiety

Anxiety can affect everyone differently, but is usually characterised by a feeling of worry, dread or fear. It can be mild or severe. Most of us develop anxiety at some time in our life, whether it be through exams, changing jobs, cost of living, family, health concerns- it can come from anywhere! Although you can’t always get away from it, you can take small steps to manage it.

It’s important first of all to recognise that you are feeling anxious and then you can start to take back control.

Here at SV we want our clients to feel supported not just physically but mentally too. We have put together some tips below:

  • Look at your daily environment/ settings- How can you make this a better place for you to be? De-clutter, change decor, add plants, add smells that relax you.

  • Is your lifestyle making you anxious-how can you improve this? Drink less alcohol/ caffeine, less screen time, laugh, spend your time with positive people.

  • Open up- We all struggle sometimes and want to hide away. You’ll be surprised to know how many others are feeling exactly the same way. Share your worries!

  • Make a journal and jot down things that worry you and how you can manage them- get it out of your head and onto paper!

  • Get physical! It’s a proven fact that exercise produces happy hormones and lowers stress levels massively! Go take that walk, do that fitness class, jump on your bike-just do something!

  • Stay present and be mindful and kind to yourself It’s ok to stop and take a moment.

  • Music- Some people need calming music for meditation/ yoga, others listen to their favourite heavy metal song, but music is an amazing way to take your mind and focus away from your worries, give it a go-even if you dance around the kitchen for a few minutes it really works!

  • Breathe-it really is a game changer! Pull those shoulders down from around your ears and inhale deeply and exhale completely!

We hope that helps you in some way if you are feeling anxious.

Just remember- The only person that can change you is YOU!


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