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Pregnancy Therapy at SV: SPD and how to treat it

Pregnancy Therapy

Although pregnancy can be a wonderful ‘glowing’ adventure, some women struggle with general day-to-day activity. Around 1-in-5 women experience mild discomfort in the front or back of the pelvis. If you visit your GP or midwife, they may diagnose you with Sacro Pubic Dysfunction or SPD.

But what is it?

SPD is characterised by pain in the centre of the pelvis which can be aggravated by activities such as getting in and out of the car, walking and climbing the stairs.

During pregnancy, a hormone called Relaxin loosens the ligaments in the pelvis causing the pelvic bones to lose some of their stability.

SPD is not harmful to your baby, but it can cause severe pain around your pelvic area. It is also common to hear a cracking or popping sensation in the pelvis or back when changing position.

How to ease the pain?

The best way to ease the pain is to rest when you can. However, try to avoid sitting on the floor and crossing your legs as this may make the symptoms worse. Any movements where you must separate your legs will cause you pain.

Some women like to use a pillow between their legs when they sleep to enable a good night’s sleep. You can also buy a pregnancy belt to aid with the weight of the baby pushing down onto the front of the pelvis.

Pregnancy belts are available from all high street pregnancy stores as well as online, however, make sure you think about the size as your body will change over your trimesters.

If you have other children, it is also advisable to stop carrying your child on one hip.

If these changes do not reduce the pain, a qualified pregnancy therapist could be able to improve muscle function and improve pelvic stability.

Treatment could consist of:

  • Kinesiotape to support the lower back and provide relief

  • Pregnancy massage to relax the body and provide relief from aching muscles

  • Manual therapy to ensure your spine, pelvis and hip joints are moving normally

  • Active isolated stretching to relax individual muscle groups that overwork during the changes in pregnancy

  • Pregnancy and post-natal Pilates exercises to strengthen and retrain the abdominals, pelvic floor and hip muscles during and after pregnancy

If you get the right advice and treatment early on, SPD pain can be reduced and managed.

However, if you are well into your third trimester, you may want to think about your birthing plan. Water births are great at taking the weight off your joints.

We have a qualified therapist at SV Sports Therapy, treating a broad range of pregnancy-related conditions, including SPD.

To book an appointment or to find out more, please contact us at

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