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SV provides pre and post race sports massage and taping at OCR World Championships

The OCR World Championships took place at the Nuclear Races site in Kelvedon Hatch on 19-21 October.

SV Sports Therapy was fortunate to be chosen as the official sports injury clinic, providing pre and post race sports massages and taping to the hundreds of athletes that had travelled from 60 countries to Essex to take part in the event!

This was the first time that the OCR World Championships had been held in England and it was such a privilege to be there.

Friday 19 October saw the start of the World Champs with the 3k race. The 15k race was held on Saturday 20 October, and Sunday 21 October marked the end of the World Championships with the team event all morning, leading finally to the charity race open to members of the public for the Youth Sports Trust.

The SV Events Team was on hand all weekend, providing sports massage and taping. Obstacle course racing takes a toll on not only the muscles but also on the skin of the hands. This obstacle course was no exception - with lots of hanging and swinging obstacles to navigate, we had a lot of hands to tape to prevent blisters getting any worse. The 15k course had over 100 obstacles!

We were honoured to treat the OCRWC winners - Jon Albon and Lindsay Webster - as well as a host of other racers.

Jon Albon

Lindsay Webster

SV has been in partnership with Nuclear Races since 2011. When the Nuclear team first approached us, they were looking for a local sports injury clinic to treat racers at their events throughout the year. Seven years on and the relationship is still going strong! We are absolutely thrilled to be part of their amazing team. And somehow they seem to get better and better each year!

SV director and senior therapist, Sophie Vowden had this to say:

"What an absolutely unforgettable weekend at the first OCR World Champs in England! We are so proud to be part of such an awesome event; the atmosphere was electric and the weather and organisation couldn't have gone any better. I remember having my first Skype meeting with Sandra Sawyer, OCRWC Partnership Director, in February, pitching to her about our SV Sports Therapy events team and how much we love working with Nuclear Races and would like to be a part of the OCR World Champs. And wow, SV was selected! Our first ever World Champs! Fingers crossed for next year!”

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