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SV attends Haven House fitness workshop for Chasing Elves 10k

Chasing Elves 10k

This year sees the first ever Chasing Elves 10km, organised by Haven House Children’s Hospice.

In order to help raise awareness for the event, Haven House held a free fitness and training workshop on 13 November for all those interested in the event, run by The Only Way Is Crossfit (TOWIC) and SV Sports Therapy.

Shaun from TOWIC in Woodford, led the group through a running workout. After the warm-up, we focused on some running specific drills and then finished off with three rounds of tabata training.

For those of you who are unaware of what tabata training is, it’s four minutes of high intensity training.

Sounds short, doesn’t it? When you’re in the moment, not so much! With tabata sprints and squats, we were all feeling the burn!

After the workout, everyone enjoyed a quick chat in the Haven House welcome centre about the upcoming Chasing Elves event and of course the London Marathon!

We’re looking forward to attending the inaugural Chasing Elves 10km on 10 December. SV Sports Therapy will be providing pre and post race treatments, with donations going to Haven House.

If you’re interested in the event, click the link below to sign up!

And here's a link to the SV fundraising page for the event:

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