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Advice from a London Marathon runner

Dave Griffiths runs the London Marathon 2017 for the ICR

Each month we will be featuring some advice from one of our clients who has run the London Marathon.

This month we have advice from David Griffiths, aka Hollywood Dave.

Dave took on a HUGE challenge this year of completing 10 marathons and 70 mile ultra marathon to raise money for the Institute of Cancer Research. (Click here for Dave's justgiving page, over £6,000 raised so far).

2017 was Dave's second London Marathon and here's what advice he has to pass on...

Advice for training

Don't worry if you miss a run. Don't try to catch up that missed run, just continue onwards. One or two missed runs will make no difference at all come race day.

Advice for the day

Get there early, take in the atmosphere, you're the superstar, thousands have come out to see you. Drink in the occasion and get yourself ready to rumble.

Advice for expo

Go during the week, during daytime hours too when it's quieter. Take a good look around, listen to the experts and runners who give speeches during the day. They have all been there and are there to help. Don't buy too much but it's always nice to get yourself a little momento of the day.

What would I do different next time


Favourite memory

Too many to choose from! The day is incredible. It's your lap of honour for all those lonely training runs you did on your own. Enjoy being the centre of attention because you deserve it. High five the crowd, take pictures if you can, look out for friends in the crowd. Just enjoy.


David Griffiths aka Hollywood Dave

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