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Client Blog: Maxine Napal on improving her technique with The Running School

Every recreational runner knows the essential elements of a training cycle: increase mileage, incorporate strength training and stretching, good nutrition, plenty of rest.

But there are two huge spokes missing in that wheel: regular sports therapy and coaching.

Non-elites typically leave off the latter until we come up injured which is what I did, again and again.

A few years ago I decided it would be worthwhile to include sports therapy as one of the key ingredients in my training and it's made such a huge difference and really minimised my injuries.

But I was still coming up injured and wanted to find some coaching.

Jess at SV Sports Therapy recommended I try The Running School (TRS) and I am absolutely flabbergasted at the impact they've made on my running.

My technique was not just all over the shop, it was non-existent.

Joe at TRS explained the correct movement pattern and I was away.

I've trialled it over a few months and to my total delight I have remained injury free, finishing a recent half in my usual time but without a limp for once!

It's so important to get the mix right in the lead up to a big race, and maintaining those regular sessions with Jess for preventative physio and Joe for coaching has instilled such a huge, somewhat unrecognisable, confidence in me.

I've got my third marathon coming up in October 2017, and instead of worrying whether I'll finish uninjured, for the first time I'm now planning on chasing a proper result.

If your training and results are at a standstill, I totally recommend checking your own wheel and getting all those spokes in order by working with the right team of health professionals to keep you fit and running strong.

Before you know it, you'll really be rolling!

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