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Client of the Month: Bev Hilton

Bev Hilton

This month, our client of the month is the amazing and wonderful, Beverley Hilton.

Bev only started running two years ago, and recently ran the 2017 London Marathon! She did us all very proud!

Through her training journey, Bev did an amazing job of taking care of her body by completing proper warm-ups and cool downs and seeking treatment from a preventative angle rather than being reactive to injuries.

She also took the time to educate herself on running technique and speak with experienced runners.

This proactive approach to both injury prevention and effective training left Bev in a fantastic position for marathon success!

After raising over £2,000 for London's Air Ambulance, Bev took on race day.

Although she had to overcome some difficulties at the beginning of her race, she went on to enjoy the journey and to have a strong finish!

SV’s Jess was elated to see Bev at mile 25, give her a quick cuddle and a loud cheer to help her through that last mile! Congratulations on finishing your marathon, Bev!

Bev Hilton

Bev Hilton

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