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10 Benefits of Yoga for athletes

Whatever type of athlete you are, Yoga is a great way to connect your body to your mind and can make training safer and more enjoyable. It allows you to train your body at a slower pace whilst still gaining results.

Below are some benefits of practicing yoga:

1. Helps to promote mental and physical relaxation through mindfullness.

2. Teaches us how to use our breathing through movement and stretching.

3. Regular Yoga sessions can prevent injury, combat stress and enhance muscle function. These three components are key to being a successful athlete.

4. Yoga allows for full body awareness.

5. It's a mind-body workout that relaxes your nervous system.

6. Improves mental focus.

7. Aids rest and recovery by fighting inflammation and increasing oxygen flow.

8. Yoga rejuvenates , therefore is a great way to give the body a break to reset and refocus after intense exercise. It's a great contrast to high intensity workouts and training, which your body needs.

9. Improves flexibility.

10. Yoga has healing methods for anxiety.

All of the above will in turn enhance sports performance and make you a stronger athlete . Life is all about balance and Yoga can help you find yours…Namaste.


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